The Original Active Training System

Musculoskeletal disorders are one of the prominent causes of disability in the world, affecting most of the working age population. Globally, up to 33% of all sick leaves and 20% of all doctor’s appointments are caused by musculoskeletal disorders, making them a multi-billion expense to employers, insurance providers, and society. This can change.

The DBC (Documentation Based Care) concept has over 20 years of experience helping people with back, neck, shoulder, and knee problems. The concept is scalable, cost-efficient, and easy to implement, making it a suitable choice for insurance companies, employers, physical therapy clinics, and hospitals everywhere.

While conventional treatments rely on manual techniques such as massage, pain medication or expensive surgeries, the DBC concept helps the patients recover through active treatment. This approach is backed by the latest research, as well as DBC Global’s database of over 130 000 analyzed treatment outcomes gathered since 1997.

The DBC concept has been proven effective in practice. Overall, 90% of all patients treated with it have found the concept effective, with 93% of neck patients, 94% of shoulder patients, 88% of back patients, and 88% of knee patients reporting positive outcomes. This efficiency can create up to 30% savings to the payer, while decreasing the workload of the service providers.