90% of Patients Benefit from DBC Treatment


The Health Care provision industry now demands proof of treatment outcomes; with providers having to show strong scientific and clinical reasoning for the treatment solution they are delivering. The current high level scientific evidence supports the use of functional restoration as a method of choice for MSK disorders, but practices are changing slowly.


DBC has been assisting hospitals and clinic operators to provide documented treatment outcome results in patient MSK care for more than 20 years. Our goal is to give modern, proven, and scalable tools and resources to treatment providers for them to document, treat and report treatment outcomes; securing strong cooperation between the healthcare provider and their customers, whether the customer is a patient, insurance company, employer, or doctor.


The DBC treatment processes provide a systematic approach to working with patients; supporting providers with easily utilized documentation and reporting tools, as well as clinical treatment devices that are safe and manageable for almost any patient. For the professionals DBC training systems guarantee the up to date evidence based initial training as well as the ongoing support document and develop the knowhow and skills in the treatment of MSK patients.


"We have full trust and confidence in DBC protocols and the treatment efficacy. DBC is driven by clinical requirements and it has proven results.”

Mr. Wee Hock Kee, CEO DBC Asia Healthcare Sdn Bhd.