Helping You to Live Again

Back, neck, and other musculoskeletal pain is normal. DBC is here to ensure that patients have a realistic conservative (non-surgical / non-invasive) approach that is effective at addressing the pain and movement limitations that can come with musculoskeletal disorders.

You are not the first person with back pain and you will not be the last, but your back pain can be monitored and treated in an individual way, which will get results.


The back pain industry is difficult to navigate, with many professionals telling different stories about patient diagnosis and the most effective treatment solution. The vast amount of information and potential treatment protocols on the market is daunting for anyone trying to manage pain or movement challenges in the most cost and time efficient way.


DBC has been ahead of the curve in providing evidence based clinical solutions (some of which are now, finally, becoming mainstream treatment approaches). The key for DBC is to listen to the patient; evaluate where the patient is now; build a specific and individualized program based on gathering baseline information; educate the patient while progressing through the DBC program; and provide outcome material so the patient can understand in which areas the progress was made.


The DBC intent is to start people off at a place that is comfortable for them based on information gathered at an initial consultation. The DBC devices and the training process are intended to deliver what the individual requires at that point in time, in order to get the most out of the active training programs.


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