29% Savings in Low-Back Pain Related Healthcare Costs


Back pain is one of the leading causes of doctor visits, long-term healthcare costs, and absence from the workplace.


DBC utilizes proven treatment solutions to conservatively address back pain in a time- and cost-effective manner; getting people back to work while eliminating costs associated with ineffective and unnecessary treatments. Outcome driven treatments are becoming standard practice and DBC's proven processes can lead the way.


Insurance groups and employers require an effective long-term solution that will positively affect the majority of their clients and employees. DBC has a proven track record in strong documented treatment outcomes; cost effective treatment processes; long-term treatment results; and reduced absences from the workplace.


“The DBC Concept has been used in South Africa since 1999 and it has provided substantial value in terms of reported successful medical outcomes to patients and sustained savings in healthcare costs associated with musculoskeletal care.”

Albert Van Zijl, GM, Klinikka (Pty) Ltd. - a subsidiary of Afrocentric Health Ltd.