Covid-19 Response and Management

The Covid-19 pandemic has rapidly and drastically changed the healthcare delivery environment, as well as the normal working environment of the majority of individuals. In an effort to support the needs of this rapidly changing environment DBC Global, along with our working partners ChangeTech and Buddy Health, are prepared to supply two solutions designed to support two of the relevant challenges that are facing healthcare support workers and human resource departments around the world.

Covid-19 Patient and Symptom Tracker

The DBC Health software, primarily designed for the monitoring and management of musculoskeletal patients, has been modified and updated to address a new set of needs. In cooperation with our partners and development team we have modified this musculoskeletal monitoring system to assist as a "Covid-19 patient tracker and support tool". This new Care Path that is implemented in the DBC Health platform allows patients to securely login to the system to provide their background information and begin the risk assessment process. Patients will receive a daily notification from the symptom tracker, in which they can input their individual symptoms they are experiencing. The data from the input symptoms and risk assessment process is analyzed by specifically designed algorithms, and when specific symptom markers are indicated the system will alert the healthcare professionals that additional actions are required. When these changes in patient condition are provided to the healthcare professional, the system can be used for secure communication with the patient regarding the next steps in addressing the symptoms, for example when and where the patient should be going for further assistance.

The entire process can be completed via a patient smartphone/tablet application that is in connection with the healthcare providers computer dashboard, the healthcare providers can easily manage a large number of patients, ensuring that patients can be effectively monitored while not potentially putting the healthcare provider or other patients at risk of exposure. By utilizing the existing GDPR and HIPAA compliant DBC Health platform, we can now offer a time and life saving solution which can implemented within a few days after the decision to move forward.

To learn more about this solution, and how the solution maybe deployed contact Esa Parjanen to discuss more - esa.parjanen(at)

EasyChange Support Through Difficult Times

DBC Global has been working with the " DBC Lifestyle Concept" (DBC 2.0) for quite some time now. In the "Brain Health" section of this DBC Lifestyle Concept we have been utilizing EasyChange as a digital coaching and self-improvement platform for lifestyle changes, which has programs that can be applied to build mental resilience during a crisis, such as the current situation of Covid-19. EasyChange is a tool from our working partner designed to assist with a lifestyle crisis, but together we have observed that the current crisis situation is also stimulating a need to address other potential lifestyle and health threats as well.

In the normal life situation EasyChange provides several solutions to address the potential health needs of the individual. EasyChange is an evidence base, scientifically proven, solution that helps the individual user to identify health "problem zones" and guide them through a process of change to address the areas of health that represent a potential risk. One of these health risk areas includes "Stress".

Covid-19 has had a massive impact on us all, including on the daily operations of companies and the company personnel. The extraordinarily quick change to the everyday working environment has put a significant amount of additional stress on the personnel of the companies; Additional stress from the changes toward a remote working environment, changes in the direction of the company operations, potential layoffs or dismissals, and a general feeling of uncertainty in the future can all have a potentially negative impact on the individual. To address this, the EasyChange program has raised the importance of the stress assessment and treatment elements of the program; A program that can be delivered quickly, and at low cost, to the personnel of companies or other communities, in order to evaluate the levels of stress and provide the individual user with the appropriate coping mechanisms to address these health challenges. The EasyChange solution also offers programs to, for example, start an active lifestyle, limit alcohol consumption, or stop smoking - all of which are proving to be a part of the human coping mechanisms through a crisis.

To learn more about this solution, and how the solution maybe deployed contact Ali Laitasaari to discuss more - ali.laitasaari(at)

DBC Learning Management System

DBC Global recently launched our Learning Management System (LMS) hosted on the Matrix LMS . The goal of this new platform is to provide musculoskeletal training material to the DBC Clinic network as well as Active Treatment training material to the general treatment provider population. The goal of this training platform is, firstly, to ensure that there is a consistent and standard set of material that is available to the DBC Global clinic network and, secondly, to deliver the message and training material to the general treatment provider population that we can all raise the standard of treatment outcomes by delivering the evidence based Active treatment programs.

For more information please contact Greg Steele at gregory.steele(at)